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Why Social Media makes modern parenting so hard

We are the first generation of parents who face a unique parenting challenge of monitoring and mentoring  our children’s social media space. While we breed a generation of digital natives .. we find ourselves falling short, not only in keeping up with the latest available in the social media space but also grappling with how to, best educate and mentor our children. Have a listen as four moms discuss and learn from each other about parenting the social media space.

Our amazing mom guests for our Off The Cuff episode are Meenu Midha and Ekta Popat.

Meenu is a Sugar Land resident, mother of two middle-schoolers, passionate about raising global citizens. She is actively involved as a parent in her school district. She’s also a successful Marketing Manager with Dell Inc., and is known in her work place as a compassionate leader.

Ekta is a proud mother to a 13 year old girl and a 11 year old boy. She believes that Motherhood has definitely been the hardest and most rewarding job. She has been the Director of operations and She is also the founder and director of the incredible “Storytellers School of Dance”, and enjoys sharing her passion of Indian classical dance with the next generation.

Be sure to tune in to this fantastic episode where we delve deeper into the world of social media surround our kids.



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