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When high parental expectations do more harm than good

In this weeks Off The Cuff Episode we talk about high parental expectations. Academic expectations, social expectations, extra curricular expectations…do we burden our kids with our aspirations? Are we somewhere secretly hoping that our kids excel in things that we never did as kids? Does the level of parental expectations vary by ethnic groups?

Or should we have parental expectations so that we are able to motivate our kids to do better. Do high parental expectations raise the bar for performance and hence propel them to success.

Listen in as 3 moms sit around the table, sipping tea, discuss their experiences, opinions and hopeful behaviors.

Our “Off The Cuff” girlfriend visiting us today is Dr. Srishti Mehta.

Srishti Mehta, is a mother to 2 beautiful girls. Also an an orthodontist, she graduated with a Masters Degree and Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Oklahoma. She has been making beautiful smiles for the last 14 years!  Her practice, INDIGO Orthodontics in located in Richmond, TX which she started in 2016 after moving to the Houston Metro area for her husbands special oncology endeavors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. She loves her family, patients, work family and her job with a passion. Srishti enjoys cooking, working out with her girls, and has made a small confession about being a Netflix addict!

Listen in and send us your feedback or ideas…we are always learning!

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