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FOMO in todays Teens


FOMO-Fear of Missing out- surely affects our children but probably affects the adults..their parents… more! We are the generation of digital natives who have to learn how to navigate this experience successfully, not only for ourselves but also for our children!

The solution to this challenge is in a well worded acronym JOMO- Joy of missing out ! That we learnt from our returning guest Preity Bhagia. It was such an A-ha moment for all of us! Do have a listen as we discuss the various scenarios our children are faced with… a non invite to a party…not having the latest phone.. or not included in a  group picture on Instagram! And how best we can guide them as parents!



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When we were having our chat, here are some resources we talked about.

The new Social media app to create and share short videos – Tik Tok

Jomo –  The Joy of Missing Out

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