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College ShortCuts- Coaching you through the college Admission process

Here is your chance to get a FREE consultation call with the experts at College Shortcuts. All you need to do is Click on “APPLY NOW” on the website College Shortcuts and type in “STRAIGHT UP PARENTING” in comments/referrals OR call them and give your referral code : STRAIGHT UP PARENTING. Our guest today Neha…

When high parental expectations do more harm than good

In this weeks Off The Cuff Episode we talk about high parental expectations. Academic expectations, social expectations, extra curricular expectations…do we burden our kids with our aspirations? Are we somewhere secretly hoping that our kids excel in things that we never did as kids? Does the level of parental expectations vary by ethnic groups? Or should…

FOMO in todays Teens

FOMO-Fear of Missing out- surely affects our children but probably affects the adults..their parents… more! We are the generation of digital natives who have to learn how to navigate this experience successfully, not only for ourselves but also for our children! The solution to this challenge is in a well worded acronym JOMO- Joy of…